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Trail Horses


Ace was born in 2001 and is a Flea-Bitten gelding. He is a versatile Quarter Horse that is used as both a trail horse and a lesson horse. He has a very sweet disposition and is able to ridden both English and Western style.


Billy is a Palamino quarter pony who was born in 2007. He has a kind and gentle spirit. He easily wins over the heart of his rider and is an incredibly special horse.


Bolt was born in 2001 in North Carolina. He is a Tri-Colored Paint Horse gelding and is possibly one of our best western horses. He loves trail rides and is also used for the smaller children’s lessons. Bolt is obedient, intelligent, and a dream to ride.


Breeze is a Flea-Bitten, half-Draft half-Arabian mare and she was born in 2003. Breeze’s interesting breed makes her perfect for trail rides. Breeze is a beautiful horse and the campers dote over her.


Brownie was born in 2006, he is a fantastic Quarter horse. He is very sweet and loves to go out on the trail. Brownie loves to be around people and never misses a beat!


Buzz is a Red Roan Quarter Horse gelding and he was born in 2002. Buzz is the perfect western pleasure horse and is a fan favorite trail horse.


Cee was born in 2003 in Minnesota. He is a Skewbald Paint gelding and is Mike’s personal riding horse. Cee is very strong and has a sweet personality. He is a dream to both ride and care for.



Chase is a 16 year old arabian. He is a personal favorite of our staff member Maddie. Maddie has been riding Chase for 8 years. Maddie enjoys riding Chase on the trails and jumping him in her free time when she is not working and or in school.



Charger is a 11 year old registered quarter horse. He is the personal horse of our manager Crystal. She enjoys barrel racing him when she is not working. His favorite in the herd is willow and stella.


Chief is a 2006 palomino Mountain Pleasure Horse gelding. Chief is currently our tallest horse, standing around 17 hh high, but he is also one of our gentlest horses. He is very sweet and is easy to ride.


Clio is a Piebald Welsh Cob mare. She was born in 2002 and is one of our sturdier ponies. Clio is a great Camp horse and requested by kids year after year.


Cosmo is a Black Roan Tennessee Walking gelding and he was born in 2007. He is a gaited horse which makes him a very smooth ride. Cosmo is always ready to ride and we love his energy!


Dudley is a Chocolate Rocky Mountain Horse gelding. Dudley was born in 2008 and is a beautiful, unique horse due to his one blue eye and one brown eye. His calm disposition makes him an ideal fit for beginner riders looking for a quiet ride.



Duke is an approximately 19 year old bay gelding (as of 2022). We are unsure of Duke's exact breed but believe he is a quarter horse cross. He is loved for his spunky personality. He is quiet yet upbeat and perfect for all levels of riders.


Joey is a 15 year old Paint. He is currently being used in our lesson program and on trails. Joey has a in your pocket personality and loves people and treats.


Lad was born in 2004 and is a Black Roan American Paint Horse gelding. He is the half-brother of Cee. Lad is a quiet horse with a great personality.


Leo was born in 2007 and he is a Chocolate Roan, Rocky Mountain Horse gelding. Leo has a great personality and is very inquisitive. He is used for more experienced riders who enjoy his personality.



Maverick is a sorrel quarter horse gelding born in 2013. Maverick requires a hands-on rider who is willing to help guide him since he is half blind. He is more whoa than go on a typical trail ride but leaves his all on the trail.



Misty is a Chocolate Rocky Mountain Horse mare and she was born in 2005. Misty is used for all kinds of riders and is very friendly. Her breed makes her a very comfortable and sturdy horse to ride.


Noble was born in 2004 and she is a Cremello Rocky Mountain Horse mare. She has a very smooth gait and is easy going. She has a great personality and loves to be around people.


Poe (Short for Edgar Alan Poe) is a 13 year old Paint who has unique blue eyes. Poe enjoys treats and the company of willow out in the field. Poe is currently being used as a staff horse until he gets used to the ranch lifestyle.


Ranger was born in 2000 and is a Liver Chestnut Quarter Horse gelding. He is western pleasure horse who neck reins on a dime and is great for all experience levels. He is a fun horse who is always ready for a fun time on the trail.


Remi is a 15 year old Appaloosa Arabian Cross. He is strong tempered. Currently Remi is being used as a staff only horse on the trails. His current friend in the field is Cosmo.


Rumor was born in 2005 in Michigan. She is a Chestnut Quarter Horse mare and is a pleasure to ride and many customers enjoy her. Her laid back personality makes Rumor a great horse for all riders.


Stella is a 3 year old arabian. She is currently in training with staff members to become a trail horse. She is friends with Billy and enjoys her time grazing in the field.


Storm is a Chestnut Tennessee Walking gelding. He was born in 2000 and he is a wonderful horse to ride on the trails and is loved by our campers.


Strain was born in 1999 and is a Chestnut Quarter Horse gelding. He neck reins very nicely and is a terrific trail horse. Strain is requested by many customers and is confident going out on the trails alone.


Spirit is a Dun Quarter Horse gelding and he was born in 2006. He is an amazing trail horse and is very sweet and curious. Spirit loves to listen to his rider and will follow you around like a puppy dog.


Tonka was born in 2004 in New Jersey. She is a Chestnut Quarter Horse mare and is one of the strongest horses at the ranch. Tonka is very versatile and is great with children and older riders. She is very well trained and is responsive to her rider.


Trixie was born in 2007 in North Carolina. She is a Bay Welsh Cob mare and what she lacks in size she makes up in personality. She has a lot of spunk and the campers love her.


Ty is a bay mustang gelding. He was born in 2004 out in the wild in Nevada, but came to our ranch when a staff member purchased and trained him through a mustang rehabilitation program. Ty is a great western horse and loves going for trail rides.



Willow is a palomino paint mare. She is loved for her sweet personality. We know her as a lover of treats of any kind. Willow is used primarily for our guide riders and our summer campers since she is an advanced ride.

If you are interested in riding a specific horse or want to ride a horse from a previous ride, request them during your next reservation.