Summer Camp

We are happy to say that our camps will be open this summer! We will be following CDC guidelines to ensure that everyone remains safe and healthy. With that, we will be disinfecting all of the saddles, reins, and gear after every ride. Our helmets are also being cleaned and disinfected as normal as well. Our adult staff will be wearing masks at all times. We also have three separate handwashing stations. The kids will be split into three groups and will stay in their groups with the same councilors as well. If you have any further questions about how we are following the guidelines please give us a call or send us an email. We would be happy to answer any questions.

Every summer The Red Buffalo Ranch offers a Summer Camp for children ages 8 to 14. This camp is unsurpassed in quality and instructional value. It consists of 5 individual 2 week sessions starting in Mid-June and ending in late August. Only a maximum of 20 campers are accepted into each session. Each camper is assigned a personal horse for which they will be responsible for the duration of the camp. The responsibilities include learning how to care, feed, groom, and clean up after their horses. Campers are also taught to saddle up their horse before they head out to ride as well as the proper way to ride. Campers are also taught the anatomy of the horse, popular breeds, and proper terms relating to horses. Our Summer Camp boasts many repeat Campers that return to us year after year! The majority of our Trail Guides and Counselors attended our Summer Camp before becoming employees.

New Holland Field Trip

On the 2nd Monday of each session the camp goes on a field trip to New Holland Horse Auction. Campers start the day with a smorgasbord breakfast at Shady Maple. Then after breakfast campers head over to New Holland Horse Auction. At New Holland, campers get to see where we get a lot of our horses and they will observe how an auction is run. This is also an opportunity for campers to study their breeds and colors. This fild trip allows them to become familiar will many different types of horses.

Cook-Out and Camp-Over

On the last Thursday of each session, Red Buffalo Ranch hosts a cook-out and camp-over for the campers and their families. There is a cook-out down at the picnic grove where everyone can try Mike's Famous Chili as well as an assortment of other barbecue foods. After the Cook-Out, campers then decorate their horses with glow sticks to prepare for the night trail ride. You can only find this experience here at Red Buffalo Ranch! After the night ride, campers take their horses home and settle into a bonfire with s'mores. In the morning a cooked breakfast is provided for the campers.

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